Chicken Wings Recipes, Teriyaki Chicken Wings.

Let your taste buds enjoy something very Japanese, with teriyaki chicken wings. Teriyaki is particular cooking style of the country of sunrise. When you taste this particular Japanese cuisine, you will find the meats either grilled or boiled in a soy sauce marinade that tastes sweet.

This is very popular in contemporary Japanese cuisine. Teriyaki chicken wings are an easy appetizer Japanese cuisine. Here we are through the process of preparing such a delicious and succulent appetizer. You don’t have to cross the pacific to taste the dish. All the ingredients needed to prepare the dish are available in your neighborhood store. Once you make it you will find that this is truly an easy appetizer dish.

-Chicken wings( 3 pound) to prepare sixteen wings only

-An onion ( Large one and finely chopped)

-Soy sauce ( 1 cup)

-Ground ginger (2 tsp)

-garlic (two cloves and finely minced)

-Brown sugar(1 cup)

-Dry sherry (1/ 4 cup)


Rinse the water properly from the chicken wings let it be pat dry. Dispose the wings of tips and then cut them from so that you get the two sections of a single wing. Spread salt and pepper over the wings. To broil the wings use broiler pan that is lightly oiled. Now put the pan four inches above from the heat and broil the wings for ten minutes. Broil the both sides of the wings properly until they turn brownish. Then change the wings into Crockpot.

The wings are ready and now we will move to prepare the sauce, which is the best part of this Japanese cuisine. Take another bowl and combine the mentioned ingredients accordingly. Put the chopped onion garlic paste, ginger, soy sauce, sherry ginger, brown sugar one by one in the bowl and combine them properly. Now you have to pour the sauce over the wings. Cover them and cook for 4 to 5 hours (in case of low heat) or two to two and half an hour for high heat. When it is half done, don’t forget to stir the wings at least once.

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