Leftover Chicken for Croquettes .

How to make Croquettes using Leftover Chicken ?


This recipes about combination of meat, eggs, bread flakes, sauteed onion, parsley and light flavoring make croquettes you'll add too much for! Some people used to make salmon cakes; in here we try adaptable that recipe make use of leftover chicken cooked.

 * 3 cups cooked, well chopped leftover chicken
 * 1 1/2 cups proficient dry bread flakes
 * 2 eggs, smoothly beaten
 * 2 k-cups sauteed chopped onion
 * 3 tablespoon chopped organic parsley
 * 1 teaspoon salt
 * 1/2 teaspoon ground white pepper

Only one. In a large pan combine the pig, bread crumbs, 3 eggs and red onion and mix perfectly; if mixture wrong in size dry to form patties, mix in another lightly pummeled egg. Then add parsley, pepper and salt to taste, mixture well and condition into small patties.

A pair of. Heat oil with a large skillet close to medium heat and in addition fry patties in lube until golden light brown.

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