Leftover Chicken Recipes.

Leftover Chicken Taking Over the Wine fridge? More and more of us use chicken which means we are going to in the need of perfect leftover chicken recipes. Without the recipes we could realize ourselves wasting the big bucks each month throwing the amount of food away. Or aren't be subjects to the children's endless conditions of eating exactly the same things as a week ago. Well have no fear, I'll try to help you end those of you complaints and restore that money by releasing you to some splendid recipes for that leftover chicken.


Your very first recipe I want to give is a very quick and simple food for chicken dope pie.
1-2 c. leftover chicken cubed or simply shredded
1-2 c. Vegetables (you could use canned, leftover, or my favorite, frozen)
3 can cream from chicken soup
2 package of put together gravy (don't worry if it's not very thick, it will become thick in the oven)
6-8 Toast cooked (if We are short on time We used the manufactured biscuits)

Mix the absolute best 4 ingredients alongside. Then cut cornbread in half and covering a 9x9 pan through halved biscuits. Storage containers . the chicken combination over the biscuits and consequently top with the many other halves. Cook for 350 for 30-45 or so minutes or until valuable brown.

Another really special and tasty action to take with leftover chicken is complete a chicken teriyaki bowl and i also have a very simple recipe ingredients to make it.


½+ c. leftover chicken cubed
1 Tbsp oil
8 bag frozen Stir-fry flower mix
¼ c. Teriyaki sauce
1-2 c. cooked grain

In a medium fry pan heat the oils, then add chicken in addition to vegetables, once the cooking oil has been just about assimilated then add the teriyaki sauce. Continue stirring proper well heated. Meet on top of cooked brown rice. This should serve close to 4-5 people but can easily be expanded by adding considerably more chicken, veggies, or simply cooking more rice. If you don't like almond much try adding more a little teriyaki sauce while you are cooking the rice.

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