Steam Chicken Thigh With Oyster Sauce

Steam Chicken Thigh With Oyster Sauce delicious and tasty dishes made from chicken. Just try to make this Steam Chicken Recipe and enjoy your stay.

1)Chicken Thigh, 7 pieces
- remove extra skin and fats
2) Ginger, 1 piece - minced
3) Garlic, 1 clove - minced
4) Spring Onion, 1 - chopped
5) Red chillies, 1 - chopped

1) 2 tbsp oyster sauce
2) 1 tbsp dark soy sauce
3) 1 tbsp sesame oil
4) 1 tsp sugar (prefer brown sugar)
5) dash of white pepper

1. Arrange the chicken thigh in a plate and marinate them with the above seasoning for 1 hour

2. Spread the minced garlic, ginger and chillies on top of the chicken thigh

3. Then set the wok, when the water is boiled, steam it for 20 minutes

4. When done, sprinkler spring onion on it and is ready to serve

Enjoy your Steam Chicken Thigh With Oyster Sauce Chicken recipe.

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